Punks and Chancers

Be proud of
your choices

Be nice

Be nice. Be nice to people, to animals, to the environment, to your dog, your neighbours, your neighbours geriatric cat who craps in your plant pot once a week, the lollipop man, your kids, yourself. Being nice makes it better for everyone, including yourself. There’s only one major rule in life: Don’t be a dick.

Don't mess

Our tees and sweats are nice. Nice to look at it, nice to wear, nice to the planet. Organic cotton, ethically traded, made in factories that don’t mess with the workers rights. They're screen printed in the UK using waterbased inks that don't mess with the environment. Bill prints them in his carbon neutral workshop. If you don’t need to mess with something, don’t.

Pricing & turkey

If you'd like to buy something for your mini Punks, Bibs are £9.50, Tees £18, Rompers £20 and Sweats £32. Unisex adult Tees are £25, Sweats £55. I’ve got a ragbag of my own Punks to manage so we’re keeping it old school… email your requirements and i’ll send you a paypal invoice. If you’re a store looking to stock a piece of the Punks & Chancers pie, lets talk turkey.